Leisure Travel


Leisure Travel

BTL offer elite travel services tailored specifically to individuals and group who appreciate the finest things in life. After painstaking research, we present clients with a shortlist and, once they have made their choice, we can co-ordinate the entire trip.
Whether you seek a secluded destination for peace and tranquility or an exclusive resort or a polished business trip, BTL plan meticulously so every detail is taken care of.

Adventure Service Every Step of the Way
If you are looking for that unforgettable adventurous getaway, we specialize in all things adventure – family adventure fun, grassroots experiences to 5 star adventure travel.

Wedding Service Every Step of the Way
Everyone’s wedding is as unique as the couple themselves and we understand that not everyone is after the same destination wedding experience. Beach weddings can be as simple, intimate, elegant or as lavish as you desire. We understand and have hands on expertise in making your beach wedding stress free and reflect your personal flare.

Family Service Every Step of the Way
Family time is precious, especially in the high stress, fast and busy era we live in. We understand that spending quality time with your family is important and traveling together is a wonderful way to build strong family connections and provide wonderful memories that last a life time.
Not sure where to start? Our family vacations team can help you find that perfect trip that everyone will enjoy here in Tanzania, ensuring adults and children alike return home having had a magnificent holiday.

Group Service Every Step of the Way
Planning a group vacation or tour can be daunting. Especially when you consider all the elements involved accommodation, transfers, activities and itineraries. The amount of coordination can be a nightmare particularly if changes need to be made. But don’t fret we have you covered.

Luxury Service Every Step of the Way
With expert travel managers who specialize in this unique sector, who will fly to the moon and back for you, you know you are in safe hands. Every aspect of your special vacation will be taken care of with luxury travel expertise.
If you are after the Tanzania finest travel experiences; exclusive safari, luxury hotels, remote romantic getaways, our luxury team is dedicated to crafting the perfect luxury vacation to suit your style and budget.

Solo Travel Service Every Step of the Way
Looking for your next traveller adventure, but don’t have a travelling companion, don’t fear we have you covered.
BTL knows all the ins and outs of the best solo travel options available for single travellers.


The best things in life are the people we love the places we’ve been and the memories we’ve made. Come join us on a trip of a lifetime!
Life is too short not to take holidays!
Our unique tours will inspire women who wish to learn and truly experience Tanzania & Zanzibar you would normally not see. You have the chance to travel with your friends while making new and lasting friendships along the way. Our unique women’s only tours is for inquisitive and adventurous women who either are single or whose husbands / partners aren’t able or willing to travel with them, or who simply wish to travel with their female friends.
You will be with a group of like-minded, fun and adventuresome women looking for that special holiday – one from which lasting memories will be made.

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