Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it better to book through you than to just do it myself?
There are many reasons. First, you don’t have to worry about all the little things because we handle them for you so that you can focus on having fun. It’s your vacation, after all. Second, you’ll get much more out of your trip with our best-in-country guides and services. Third, you will benefit from our years of experience that you may not yet have. Last, you will have 24/7 in-country assistance should you need anything whatsoever during your travels.

Are you expensive?
Your trip cost depends on what are you are looking for and when you are traveling. We believe we offer good value, but we have no interest in being the “cheapest.” There are many variables in the cost of a trip and we are always happy to adjust the details of your trip to lower to your price.

What if I’m not looking for bells and whistles, but just want a really great trip?
No problem. That is exactly why every trip is designed from scratch. Our clients are across the spectrum in terms of what they want to include, their budget, their taste, and their pace. Our only “rule” is that we need to do all the components of your trip (accommodations, guiding, and land transport, etc.) except air. We just don’t provide ad hoc services.

Why have I never heard of you?
We prefer that our trips be our soapbox. We spend our resources and time putting together magical trips instead of glossy brochures. We like to think that a trip done right is our best marketing tool. That’s worked pretty well so far, as our growth has been mostly through word-of-mouth.

Do you have any allegiances to specific hotel chains (or safari chains)?
Not at all. We choose hotels based on your criteria and on our judgment as to what fits best. We tend to prefer well-located hotels that embody local flavor and charm. And of course management and service are very important.

Are children welcome?
We love kids. Tell us what excites them. We know that if the kids have fun, Mom and Dad will have fun as well.

What if I have a health or physical limitation; can I still travel with you?
Talk to us. We will be honest with you and do our best to make it work.

Do I have to worry about currency fluctuation?
Not at all. All prices are always guaranteed in US dollars. That is a huge bonus for you in times of unpredictable fluctuations.

Getting started:

What’s next?
We are happy to work through email if that is your preferred method.

Do I book my own air?
Most clients book air on their own, we book internal flights .

What do you need from me when I send an email?
Just be honest. We don’t judge.
Be prepared to tell us what you loved in other trips, things your kids enjoy, things you have always dreamt about doing.

Frequently Asked Questions: Tanzania

Will I see the Big Five?

Are children allowed on safari?
There is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Some camps do have age limits. But we work plenty of family-friendly safari camps, and in many cases we are able to book a vehicle for the exclusive use of your family.

Are there others on my safari?
Most vehicles have six or eight seats. If you wish to have a private vehicle, in most camps we can book one out for your exclusive use, along with a private ranger and tracker. Just be sure to book early.

Are park fees included?
Generally, yes. Although there may be an exception here and there for reasons beyond our control, we include them whenever we can.

Will we be “roughing it” if we stay at a luxury tented camp?
Not at all. In fact quite the opposite. People are always surprised at how luxurious their safari accommodation is. Whether built or tented, they retain that “Out of Africa” feeling.

What if, I get sick or injured while in Tanzania?
We require our clients to take out medical evacuation insurance, and camps have action plans to get you to the closest facility as soon as they can.

What kind of shots and pills do we need for Tanzania? What health precautions do I need to take?
We have to advise you to talk to your doctor. Most clients do take malaria pills.

How far in advance should we plan and book our safari? 
As early as possible. We do our best to scramble for every request we get, but camps fill up surprisingly early, especially at Christmas and New Year’s.

Do people speak English in Africa? 
In most places, yes.


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